Notice this section is only relevant for Danish customers with a valid NNE subscription.

iGlobe NNE integration requires a valid NNE web service subscription. When you have purchased a subscription from NNE you will receive a license key. This key you will need to enter into the configuration in iGlobe.

Before you can start using NNE with iGlobe CRM you must import master data from NNE.  Click on the “From NNE” button, which can be found at the top of the admin page.

[Note: This is a very slow process because its get data from NNE web service and then add those data in your app. So its better perform this action while your have bit more time. And don’t do this operation quite often.]

This will import the following data NNE –

  1. NACE
  2. Branch Group
  3. Company Status
  4. Function Area
  5. No. of Employee  

 Data wash using NNE.

This will open the following window:

IMPORTANT! In this version of iGlobe CRM this function is only available for companies in Denmark and require a valid license key from Navn og Nummer Erhverv.

Please contact iGlobe support for a guide of how to use the data wash function.