This documentation will help you implement and maintain iGlobe CRM 365. iGlobe CRM is an Add-in (App) for SharePoint Online. The first step is to setup your SharePoint (Online) environment for using app’s in general. If you already have done that, then you are ready to implement iGlobe CRM. Please move on to chapter 3.
The document will help you to understand, how to
  • ​Install and configure the app
  • Set-up the user’s desktop
  • Customize the app to your specific need
  • Email integration
  • Import data to iGlobe CRM
  • Upgrade to new version of iGlobe CRM App.

Before you start a few words about CRM in general. 

How raising a child is like deploying CRM software
 "It's a girl"..... I yelled!!!!
What an amazing experience to see a new person coming into the world. A child represents a perfectly clean canvas. You have the opportunity to try and arm your child with the right tools that will take her through life.
Deploying new software, like a CRM, is somewhat similar to raising a child. The business owner in your company makes the decision to deploy software to your users. They are the Parents of this new application. This software is a reflection on this business owner for better or worse. Everyone is excited about this new software. A new beginning is upon your company which also represents great potential. But....much like a neglected child, without proper direction and training your software will become useless and more of a problem than a blessing.
So what can you do to make sure your new CRM software is successful and makes papa proud.
1. Take ownership - there needs to be parental guidance with software from the business owner. You cannot be one of those parents who let their kids decide what time to go to bed. YOU have to set the rules. They do not need you to be a friend....they need a parent. The same goes for software . Create a "BEST PRACTICES" document for how to enter data. This will ensure uniform data entry throughout the organization. Why is this important ....because the more uniform the data entry is the more accurate your reports will be.
2. Train your users - You send your kids to school on average for 12 years. Some cases more. Train your users! Your end users need training on how to use this application. Training is the number 1 thing you can do to ensure your CRM application is successfully implemented.
3. Understand your user's needs - Sometimes your baby has gas so you need to stop your scheduled feeding for a little help to burp them. Even though you are on a strict schedule, you had to modify your plan based on how your child was reacting. The same goes for your users. Maybe you thought you needed the software for one thing but found a new feature that may help in a big way in another area. This is ok and normal as you get used to using your software. We are here to guide you much like a baby nurse.
4. Listen to your users - although you set the rules as parents sometimes you have to amend those rules as they become irrelevant. The same is true with software. Make sure your users feel like you are trying to benefit them with CRM software. They need to know you are trying to make their lives easier not just making sure you get those reports that management needs.
5. Have fun - Being a parent is stressful and sometimes you wonder if you have what it takes to do it. You forget one of the most important aspects of all of this.....HAVE FUN!!! Believe it or not, software can be fun too! You have to allow yourself to have fun with it though.

Thank you for choosing iGlobe CRM