FedEx support

FedEx Tracking from iGlobe is a free Add-in for Outlook. 
Track your delivery the easy way and never miss a delivery day. Need a status of your delivery? Easy FedEx tracking directly from your Outlook. Track your delivery, add-it to your calendar, and be ready to receive the package. 

Select the mail you received with a FedEx tracking number and click on the FedEx icon in the Outlook ribbon. The tracking will automatically start and present you with a status. If a delivery date has been added to the tracking information you will be able to click and add the expected delivery date to your calendar.


The first time you are using the FedEx Tracking Add-in, you will be asked to login to your office 365 account using your Office 365 email and password.
Start tracking now, press on “Get Started” and login with your Office 365 credentials.