In the iGlobe Administration you will find a number of libraries used in the application.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT remove any of them as this causes inconsistency of data and application.

System libraries


From “Contact” tab a user can upload documents. This is the library where we keep all uploaded documents related to “Contacts” in the app.

Document Template

This is used from Mail Merge. When user wants to mail merge, it will get all the template file uploaded here.


This is used by the ‘Library’ tab. whenever any document uploaded from ‘Library’ it is actually uploading to this library.


This is used for keep all the pictures which are uploaded from Company or Contact. 


Whenever sync process is run, the mails are transfer in this library. In the lower webpart of the contact, mails are shown from this library.  All saved email are stored in this library.

Import File Library

You can import item in the crm list by using From File import operation. However, before that you have to add the file in Import file library. Add the file in the library “Import file library” which is under Admin > Libraries > Import file library.