Enhance productivity with iGlobe Office2SharePoint 

Office2SharePoint comes in two editions.
  * Office2SharePoint for Outlook 
  * Office2SharePoint for Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Each edition of Office2SharePoint has it own manifest file.
Do you have questions about how safe it is to use Office2SharePoint App. Or will your IT not allow you to use Office2SharePoint due to security reason? I believe this will help.
Microsoft 365 App Publisher Attestation program - Microsoft 365 App Security and Compliance
The Microsoft 365 App Publisher Attestation program is a thorough assessment of an app's security, data handling and compliance practices submitted by the publisher of the app. The detailed information is validated for consistency, compiled, and presented for consumption through this portal.  The attestation process centers on an extensive questionnaire detailing an app's security, data handling, and compliance attributes. The information provided covers the entire app functionality that is exposed when the app is activated on your organization's Microsoft 365 platform and includes the following:
Review sector
Sector scope
Data Handling
How an app collects and stores organizational data, and what control your organization has over that data.
The protocols, processes, and procedures that an app has to protect data and detect and repel cyber-attacks.
The app's adherence to required industry standards and specifications.
The app's adherence to required legislative statues and regulations.

The current documentation applies to Office2SharePoint Add-In for Outlook 

Save to SharePoint:
Saving email & files has never been easier. Stay within Outlook while saving & organizing emails and documents in SharePoint Online. Directly from Outlook to SharePoint Online and Group sites using iGlobe O2S Add-in on any device, Windows, MAC, Tablets, Web mail, Outlook for IOS or Android.
Get a file from SharePoint:
Create a new mail and get a document from SharePoint using O2S. It is simple, intuitive and easy.
Following steps are required for deploying Office2SharePoint. Please use your Office 365 Global Admin account for the deployment.
  1. Deploy Office2SharePoint using Centralized Deployment
  2. Remember to deploy Office2SharePoint to the Globe Admin account
  3. Using your Global Admin account open Outlook. You should see the new Add-in in your ribbon
  4. Click on the Add-in and click through the until you reach the last page where you can activate the Add-in as a Global Administrator. 
  5. When you click a window will open asking you to sign in. IMPORTANT, sign in with your Global Admin account.
  6. A new windows opens asking you to give consent 

When the Global Administrator give consent to Office2SharePoint a list of permission set will show. This list is asking permission to read and write into the services Office2SharePoint is using. Without this permission Office2SharePoint will not be able to offer the functionality you currently are looking for.

IMPORTANT! The permission is given for the Microsoft Graph API on behalf of the current user to connect from iOffice2SharePoint to the required services. It is important to understand that you do NOT give permission to iGlobe or anyone else outside your organization to access data.

You have now successfully activated Office2SharePoint. Next step is to setup user access.
  7. From Office2SharePoint click on settings and select "User Administration"
  8. A web page opens.
  9. Adding new user is very simple. Simply click on Add new user. If you want to add a large number of users, you can download and Excel file and use that as an import template. Notice, you can assign an Admin role to a user. By assigning Admin access you give the user access to manage Office2SharePoint user and access to configure the Add-in.

Seting up Office2SharePoint for your user

As the Add-in administrator you can setup defult SharePoint sites and Site collections for users in your organisation. 
  10. Click on Manage site. You will now see a list of Sites. Click on the dots and select "Add for all". You now made the sites avilable for all users. This gives you an option to preconfigure the add-in for your users making it much easier to deploy and your users can start using the add-in Immediately.
This video illustrate the above deployment process

User guides:


Please contact iGlobe support for any assistance. 

For support please contact us by sending an e-mail to We are ready to assist you.
IMPORTANT!! Office2SharePoint offer an option to save an e-amil as a PDF file. In current version Office2SharePoint can ony save 3 e-mail pages. We are working on making this unlimited.  But currently on 3 e-mail pages will be saved. 
Office2SharePoint is compatible with IE11 and upper version, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In order to leverage the capabilities found in modern browsers, we will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer older than IE11.   While there is no set time for this change, it will gradually happen over time as features are updated to use advanced browser capabilities. Your users that use earlier versions of Internet Explorer will start to see more "diminished experiences", and sometimes functionality will be completely broken. 
If you have users who are accessing SharePoint Online using IE9 or IE10 we recommend that you upgrade to IE11, or Microsoft Edge to continue to have access to Office2SharePoint and Office 365.