iGlobe CRM Office 365 is a SharePoint Online Add-in. The Add-in is tightly integrated to Office 365 and Office, for example the Planner, Groups and Outlook Office Add-ins using the Microsoft Graph API that is recommened by Microsoft.  This integration requires admin consent before the app can be fully used across users in the organization.
The process of approving the application for the whole organization by the administrator is referred to as admin consent and is a part of the Azure AD OAuth implementation.
The framework is based on a user or an administrator giving consent to an application that asks to be registered in their directory.  A user can give access only to apps they own that access their Office 365 information. They can't give an app access to any other user’s information.There are two kinds of permissions that are used when using Integrated Apps in Office 365:
1. user permissions and
2. admin permissions.
When an admin registers an app for all users in their organization, he or she is asked for permission to let that app access information and resources in their organization. After this, when other users in the organization use that app, they won’t be asked for permission. When an admin registers an app, that admin must make sure that they trust that app's publisher.
Note: [Using best practice from Microsoft, we advise you follow the below step logged in as a global administrator]
After you have run the set-up wizard in step 4, you will see the iGlobe homepage. When you access the application for the first time, for example by lunching the Dashboard, you will see a window on the top left corner explaining you what you will need to do to get admin consent for iGlobe CRM. 
It is very simple. Login as an Office 365 Global admin and press on the link “Authorize”. First you will be asked to log in to Office 365. Second you will be presented to a new pop-up asking for you consent. Press “Accept”.

 The admin consent flow has been completed and your organization is signed up for using the application.


IMPORTANT! iGlobe CRM Office 365 is a Microsoft Certified App. Read more about iGlobe CRM Office 365 Security and Complience